Friday, 8 April 2011

RST - a New definition?

In my time, RST stood for Readability, Strength, and Tone (CW).
Has it changed?
On several occasions now I have heard new callsign holders telling a station that they are coming in at Radio whatever, and Signal whatever. Is this correct, or it it a matter of lowering standards, or just ignorance of the protocols of signal reporting. As an addition to this one station reported to another that "you are coming in clearly, about 4 and 5".
Been back on the air now for almost 4 months, and in my QRT time new license classes were introduced. I do not know what level of knowledge is required to obtain a license now, but when one amateur needs to spend several minutes describing what a dipole is to a new licensee then I fear the worst for the hobby.
I appreciate the need to introduce new blood into our wonderful hobby, but are we to become a hobby where everything is bought 'off the shelf'?

Any views?

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