Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Manners cost nothing

This is no doubt a one off, but called UR6IM on PSK31 today. he was heavily overmodulating with a IMD of -11db. In response to my callback to his CQ he responded with "G4EST QSO BEFORElq BEFORE!!! de UR6IM  CQ... " that QSO was in May 2011, so not that recent.

I accept he may not wish to have a long QSO but a simple exchange would suffice rather than just being RUDE!

I responded thus: "UR6IM Igor -- sorry to bother you!!!
did not realize that you only accept 1 QSO per station
G4EST".  Perhaps he understood!

If memory serves me correctly I have seen him on the band (15m) fairly regularly and usually overmodulating.