Friday, 25 February 2011

Well - here we go again

After a spell of 19 years off the air I have decided to return to the hobby, having now got my own place where I can indulge my love of antennas and other techy stuff.

I purchased a Kenwood TR 570D at the Red Rose rally along with both a long-wire and vertical antenna fron Snowdon Radio Communications just to get me started. I had built a 2x1/2 wave phased antenna for 2m which was erected as well as the HF stuff and I was soon on the air again. Picking up the Lake District (GB3LD) and Stoke (GB2VT) repeaters from my QTH in Rainford fine. GB3MP 20db over 9 as to be expected. HF has been mainly PSK31 (Ham Radio Deluxe and DM 780 enabled) and best so far is Brazil, while Azores and Jakarta heard. All on the long wire antenna.

Immediate impressions were an incredible amount of noise on the HF bands and operating practices on 2m absolutely appalling from some operators.

How I handled RFI in the shack to follow.