Thursday, 13 September 2012

QSL Cards from Instant Print

I ordered my first batch of QSL cards from a company called Instant Print a year or so ago and received excellent service, so much so I lauded their service on my website. (
I went back for reprint September 2012 and met nothing but problems as set out below

  • It seems they have computerised now as I can only order items via their website, 
  • They have no record of my previous order / artwork
  •  I also needed to register with them now. 
  • I asked if they could send me samples of their 250gsm card to see it this would pass through my printer successfully; they said order through the website - I did and they sent me 1 sheet of A6 plus other marketing stuff despite advising them what I needed it for. 

Their help desk seemed totally useless as all they did was refer me back to the website. Gone are the days of personal service it seems. I still ordered the reprints after reworking the artwork and emailing it to them as their prices are very competitive and I know the card will pass through my printer OK


A printing firm that cannot do custom sizes is to my mind unfathomable. Perhaps they do not know how a guillotine works!

Now looking for a printer who can do my cards on a card which can pass through my printer.
Any suggestions folks?