Tuesday, 12 April 2011

NARSA (Blackpool) Rally

Sunday 10th April - Attended the rally above not knowing what to expect having been disappointed at the Red Rose rally in January. Pleasantly surprised, especially with the attendance of 3 major suppliers.
Having been disillusioned by prices of new gear, and the lack of availability of multimode VHF/UHF rigs I was looking for something to replace my ageing TR9000 and the FT-480R which I bought on eBay as functional but turned out to be a box of @#*!; this has cost me over £300 to get the TX and RX operational, and it still has faults...
Bumped into G3OCR at the Rally - Hi Stu - hope you got the amp you were looking for. I was after a GDO of some sort. Found 2 on one stall, cheap at £10.00 and £25.00, with coils, but on one the coil on the unit seemed immovable, and no instructions. The other seemed a bit battered and considering my experiences with second hand gear decided to look around a bit more. After a full circuit I returned and found the better one gone, no surprise really.
Spent money at the RSGB bookstall where I purchased an ARRL Antenna Handbook. I saw one in the US last week when on holiday there, and found this one cheaper. Will remember that for future trips. Also bought 30 or so assorted ferrites to help me combat the electrical noise emanating from those damned switched mode PSUs. my router, and also to block RF getting into my Sky box which does not affect the signal, but disables the remote control.
Such a lovely day I decided to have lunch in Blackpool, but after driving around for 20 minutes and not finding a parking space I headed for Lytham. Found a nice seafood restaurant wher a plate of fish and chips hit the mark.
Drove home with the top down on my Saab, exhilarating.

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