Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My views on customer service

Over last weekend I contacted several companies to either purchase equipment or enquire about kit already owned. Responses have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous.
I decided to continue my rebuild of the station by purchasing a 2m beam, rotator, and a less conspicuous vertical antenna. I ordered the antennae from Moonraker, and the rotator, 4-way PL 259 switch (HF use) and PL 259 plugs from Nevada Radio. After I had placed the order from Moonraker (on the Sunday) I realised I had forgotten the ferrite chokes I needed. I e-mailed their support area and received a response almost by return  advising that they would add these items to the order and take additional payment automatically. Kudos.
On the Monday I received a telephone call from Nevada Radio advising that the rotator was not available and that they would not be restocking the item. It also transpired that the switch was also not available. I was offered the PL 259 plugs post free to compensate for the inconvenience.
I subsequently looked on the internet again for the rotator and found it at Moonraker, albeit £20.00 more expensive. 4 way switches were vastly more expensive elsewhere. I ordered the rotator.
Later that afternoon I received an e-mail from Moonraker advising me that they had noticed I now had 2 orders with them which they have now combined thus saving me postage. WooHoo.
Also on Sunday I e-mailed Snowdonia Radio Company regarding a query on their HF 360 vertical. This is the second time I have contacted them. As of Tuesday lunchtime no response. (again)
Moonraker 10/10
Nevada Radio 6/10
SRC 2/10 (very disappointed in support capability, 2 given as their long wire antenna is quite good)

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