Monday, 21 March 2011

Murphy's Law

Question: What happens when a Radio Amateur leaves his rig monitoring PSK on 15m to do some essential maintenance at Home.
Answer: Stations from Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela make their appearance along with many from Brazil. USA was pounding in, although none of the missing states for me showed up on PSK-Reporter.
My tropical fish tank looks good now though after 4 hours of work, and found a fish I had thought had died.
Spent some time trying to resolve a PSK-125 signal, then realised the noise reducer on my TS-570D was on. It has no effect on narrower band PSK, but made decoding PSK-125 inoperative.

GB3MP - going a bit weird lately, receive performance seems erratic, and on several occasions TX noisy.
"Sausage and Scouse" net had to abandon it's regular sched last week as many stations usually loud and clear were unreadable at times.. i understand that since the privatisation of the site, access is an issue, as is the cost for any visits for maintenance. I-O-M government support GD3GD I believe, pity this can't be done here as it would be an asset in any local emergency. Perhaps when Wales gets more financial devolution...

Been scouring local shops without success for fabric to cover my homemade speaker enclosures. Then Eureka... I had found an old pair of trousers which will never fit me again so snip snip snip, I have fabric for my speakers That didn't cost me an arm and a leg, just a leg!

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