Sunday, 11 March 2012

G3TPW - CobWebb antenna

In January 2012 I ordered a CobWebb antenna from G3TPW as I had heard glowing reports from another station in the Netherlands and it's specifications made it ideal for my loft. After communication with G3TPW I ordered one, but was then met with an 'information blackout'. The explanation for the delay in despatch was quite acceptable. The designer has supply issues with the antenna wire and had to source elsewhere and he needed to evaluate the new component re velocity factor before he despatched the kit to me. That is attention to detail.

After 4 weeks the antenna arrived. Now built and operational. - I plan to put a photographic guide to the build on here when time permits.

WOW - as compared to my vertical and long wire antennae it is much less prone to noise pickup yet receives signals just as well, better perhaps as it is more omnidirectional. Have heard South Africa, China and Indonesia now which were not resolvable previously, and the areas I previously heard very well are still pounding in. Truly omnidirectional. Incidentally the first station I worked was in Belize.through a pile-up using 50W PSK31 so nice christening.

I have posted a construction video on my site, for interested parties.


  1. Hi, I am interested to learn more about your experiences with the CobWebb, which I understand is in your loft?

    I have been thinking of putting one in my loft.


    Andre, M0JEK

    1. Andre, thanks for the interest.
      If you look at my site, there is a link to my construction video on YouTube. This was not difficult and was accomplished in approximately 2 hours. Beware, you will need latex gloves when handling the fiberglass rods as the residue from the manufacture is very irritating.
      As for experience using the antenna I was impressed as immediately I was getting better reception as compared with my Snowdonia Radio Company (SRC) X65 end fed wire and their HF360 10 - 80m vertical which is mounted on a rear wall above the extension, radials covering a 270 degree span.
      The 2 things I noticed first were the reduction in noise and the slight improvement in reports received. Subsequent usage gave a much better coverage as parts of the globe not even heard before became workable (VU, VK etc.).
      Bottom line - well worth the money so long as there is enough clear space in your loft.

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