Monday, 9 May 2011

My thoughts on digimodes

I use digimodes a lot now, lazy perhaps as I am just pressing keys to activate the macros on DM780, logging done through HRD automatically, the only real input being the adding of custom phrases or messages within the predefined text. I do this often now though to stop me getting bored.

Major mode is BPSK-31, although other flavours are used as the digital imprint on the waterfall is easily recognisable.

More esoteric modes though are not as easy to identify, excepting RTTY, and I avoid using these unless previously identified to me by RSID 'coding'. I have this enabled on my transmissions and consider it has got me a few contacts when conditions are quiet on 15 and 18m.

My plea for the day is that those stations using less common modes who have RSID capability Enable it: you may well get more contacts.

Last day of my GR prefix, been busy so far, but mainly Eastern European. Still waiting for East Coast USA, the Antipodes, or South Africa (no chance as my antenna is end on to there!)

Living in hope anyway.

Good DX to all who read this anyway - both of you ;)


  1. Charlie,

    Does DM780 allow one to use RSID exclusively on your CQs? I use Fldigi and enabled RSID for PSK-63, but it puts it before every transmission, which is annoying and time consuming. I suppose I could memorize the setting and unset it in the time the other op is responding, but ... really!

  2. Casey,
    The DM780 setting for RSID is for all transmissions. I agree that a setting for CQs only would be better. I will suggest this to the authors although implementation would need a switch on each saved text block (perhaps).